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Employee Quotes

Our team is why I love working at OnePoint Patient Care. Our entire staff ensures Florida’s hospice patients achieve exceptional patient outcomes by delivering the industry’s most responsive pharmacy service. Utilizing clinical knowledge and innovative tools, we assist our hospice partners with the day to day symptom management challenges faced by one of the nation’s most vulnerable patient populations.

Ashle’ Watson,
Pharmacist in Charge, FL

OnePoint Patient Care makes a conscious effort to recruit, reward and retain the right people to enable the delivery of the highest quality patient care. On a daily basis, we interact with healthcare professionals, and we all share a common goal of providing superior care to those patients near end-of-life.

Lucille Walker,
Service Delivery Director, Nevada

Working at OnePoint Patient Care is unique. While we get to put into practice the traditional tasks of pharmacy, we also are able to apply our educational and clinical skills. There is great deal of job satisfaction knowing you helped make a difference to patients or their loved ones by being an integral part of the healthcare team by optimizing the medication list, avoiding risks such as adverse drug-drug interactions and suggesting cost-effective therapies.

Melissa Corak,
Clinical Pharmacist, AZ

I love working for OnePoint Patient Care. Our leadership team is always accessible and highly responsive to the employees, and my co-workers are so committed to the patients and hospice partners we serve. There’s an obvious passion and conviction shared by all employees to ensure we provide a positive memorable service experience to our hospices every day!

Josh Cornelison,
Service Delivery Director, IL

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