A Commitment to Patient Care, Down to the Details - OnePoint Patient Care

A Commitment to Patient Care, Down to the Details

OnePoint Patient Care medication dispensing accuracy using Rx AccuTrack and OneConnectPoint

OnePoint knows that patient care is your top priority. During busy days spent juggling responsibilities, you need medication ordering to be easy, fast and—just as importantly—accurate. With OPPC as your pharmacy partner, you will enjoy peace of mind that your medication orders will be timely and correct.

With a 99.997% medication dispensing accuracy rate and a 99% customer retention rate, we’ve earned the trust of hospices nationwide by focusing on the details.

For every medication order, we follow our carefully crafted four-step quality control process called Rx AccuTrack®:

1. Order Taking

  • To make ordering as easy as possible, we accept orders via phone, fax, encrypted email, and our intuitive desktop and mobile application: OneConnectPoint®.
  • Our electronic document management system digitally converts all fax orders and stores them on our secure servers.
  • Pharmacy staff check the order against your preferred drug list and screens for any drug-to-drug interactions, patient allergies, dosing levels, duplicate therapies, and recent refills.
  • We verify the patient name, medications being ordered, patient address and requested delivery date.
  • We can find patients in our system by numerous identifiers including, but not limited to, their address and name, refill number, or MRN number.
  • Our pharmacist carefully reads back all new orders, verifies the order is accurate, then places a quality control stamp on the prescription.

2. Data Entry

  • We enter the order data into our pharmacy system to check for completeness, any anomalies, potential drug-to-drug interactions, drug allergies, duplicate therapy medications, or recent refills.
  • Barcoded labels are printed alongside the patient package insert.
  • A pharmacist verifies the printed labels against the original prescription, ensures the proper dosing is dispensed and reviews again for any drug-to-drug interactions, allergies, or duplicate therapies.

3. Filling and Dispensing

  • Pharmacy staff pulls the medication stock bottle from inventory and prior to packaging the prescription, scans the barcoded label to verify the correct medication was chosen.
  • Our system displays an image of the dispensed medication and creates a system lock if the barcode of the bottle is not identical to the patient prescription label.

4. Final Check

  • A pharmacist reviews the final order, ensuring correct medications have been filled and verifying the patient name and prescription count.
  • A pharmacist validates the physical medications against system image.
  • A pharmacist bags the medication and seals the prescription in the appropriate packaging.

OnePoint’s mission to provide the highest quality of care, reliability and support to our patients and their caregivers means that we pay attention to the details, and our quality control is second to none. Our Rx AccuTrack process is a deliberately constructed system of checks and balances that ensure all of your medication orders are dispensed quickly and precisely—every single time.

With our easy to use medication management platform, OneConnectPoint, and virtually no hold time on the phone, we’re here to take the stress out of managing your medications, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters—your patients.