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About Us

We at OnePoint Patient Care have been in the pharmacy business since the 1960’s, starting in Phoenix, Arizona. In the 1980’s when the medicare benefit for hospice took effect, we became a pioneer in providing pharmacy services to the growing hospice industry.

We have since served as a comprehensive pharmacy services partner, building our reputation as the nation’s premier hospice PBM and pharmacy.

Today we pride ourselves on being the most adaptable and flexible hospice pharmacy partner in our industry. Our original commitment to providing superior service, consistent value, and unsurpassed quality of care has remained steadfast. Just ask our customers.

Mission Statement

Provide our patients, their caregivers, and family members with the highest quality of care, reliability, and support while dispensing clinical advice, medications, and delivery services. Professionalism, personal accountability, and integrity are at the core of who we are and what we do, every hour of every day.


“OnePoint Patient Care's ability to dispense and deliver medications reliably, timely and accurately has allowed our hospice to focus on growth through strengthening our referral networks by offering an increased level of service.”

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Ben Olson

Vice President and Executive Director

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