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Pharmacy Solutions

Concierge PBM®

Our Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) platform – the most adaptable in the hospice industry – is designed to provide patient care that is both superior and cost-effective. From our caring perspective, we optimize cost management through:


Providing Transparency In Pricing Models

  • Clinical guidance and leadership are focused on selecting cost-effective therapies
  • Near real-time reporting gives you the ability to track patient medication management and quality of care goals with 24-hour access to comprehensive administrative, clinical and compliance reporting
  • Using deep clinical expertise, our account manager and clinician teams perform retrospective drug utilization and develop customized cost-saving programs
  • Our hospice partners have access to our exclusive hospice pharmacies and 55,000 network pharmacies across the country
  • Our platform integrates with most major hospice EMRs, and our e-prescribing application includes controlled substance ordering – unique in the industry
  • Online tools provide real-time, evidence-based therapeutic and deprescribing recommendations

Tailoring Our Approach To Your Hospice

  • The industry’s only PBM capable of designing formularies on multi-disease states
  • Our vigilant management of your prior authorization process and formulary ensures complete compliance protecting against unnecessary costs
  • Because we control the service platform, we can make formulary or prior authorization adjustments when you need them


Seeing Network Pharmacies As An Extension Of Our Team

  • We own and operate community-based hospice dispensing pharmacies, enabling us to help your local pharmacies dispense better for you
  • We contract directly with pharmacies, customizing programs that matter most to you
  • We partner with local pharmacies to ensure the quality of care