Tactics for Increasing Hospice Referrals | OnePoint Patient Care

Strong Referral Network

A dependable and diversified network of referral sources is vital for a successful hospice program, but getting referrals means having consistent high-quality service and care.

Vendor relationships play a key role in that service, as well as a referral’s level of confidence. Accuracy and timeliness of medications are especially significant as service factors, making your hospice pharmacy provider an important partner in maintaining and growing your referral network

Fortunately, a great pharmacy partner will not only support a competitive level of quality, but can also be leveraged to reinforce referral sources.
This ebook details experience-tested ways to enhance referral relationships and build your network with the help of your pharmacy provider.

Get the ebook for actionable advice on leveraging your hospice pharmacy provider to :

  • Demonstrate quality patient experiences, with evidence.
  • Increase influence and establish clinical expertise.
  • Generate business in new markets.
  • Cultivate referral connections and a reputation for excellence.

In addition to these tactics, real examples and testimonials are included to provide even more context for application.

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