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New Expanded, Updated Edition of OnePoint Patient Care Clinical Symptom Guide Now Available

OnePoint Patient Care

Tempe, AZ – SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 – OnePoint Patient Care has published a newly updated and vastly expanded 3rd edition of its Clinical Symptom Guide. In addition to updates to existing monographs, 28 new monographs have been added to this valuable resource for hospice clinicians and nurses.

Among the additions are monographs detailing the palliative management of diseases like heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes, including advice on deprescribing. OnePoint Patient Care’s clinical team also collaborated with experts in infectious disease and pediatric endocrinology/neurology to develop five new monographs on infectious disease and five on pediatrics.

“We’re excited about the substantial new content in this edition, and we know that our partners will be, too. We’re especially proud that the new pediatric monographs provide guidance on more than 90 percent of the drugs we dispense to our pediatric patients,” said Joe Solien, PharmD, BCPP, BCGP, Vice President of Clinical Services at OnePoint Patient Care. “This guide represents a massive leap forward in terms of educating our staff and partners, and enhancing patient care.”

The digital guide is available in mobile as well as desktop versions, making it convenient for clinicians constantly on the move. Hospices also frequently use the guide in clinical interdisciplinary team meetings, training and other applications focused on improving care for hospice patients.

Jessica Keane, MD, a physician with By the Bay Hospice in Larkspur, CA, said, “The Clinical Symptom Guide is truly a one-of-a-kind reference. There’s just nothing else out there like it. It’s my go-to place to find solutions for hospice-specific clinical problems. We even have incorporated it as part of the palliative fellowship training at our academic partner, the University of California San Francisco. I absolutely love the 3rd edition.”

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