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OnePoint Patient Care Launches OneConnectPoint

Advanced hospice medication management app delivers unprecedented ease of use

MORTON GROVE, IL — January 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OnePoint Patient Care has introduced OneConnectPoint, the hospice industry’s most advanced medication management application. Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the hospice industry, OneConnectPoint greatly simplifies the patient admission and medication ordering process, reducing the time clinicians spend dealing with pharmacy and increasing the time they have available to care for patients.

OneConnectPoint’s intuitive, seamless and secure platform allows OnePoint’s hospice partners to receive medication profiles from EMRs, quickly admit and update patient demographics, place refill and new medication orders, and track the delivery status of a medication order. In addition, prescribers can verify their medication orders against the hospice formulary in real time, screen for drug interactions, create prior authorizations for non-formulary medication orders and receive notifications indicating Prior Authorizations and e-Rx orders are pending approval.

“OneConnectPoint has streamlined our entire pharmacy fulfillment process, improving our nurses’ productivity and increasing patient satisfaction,” says Karen Rubel, Chief Operating Officer of Nathan Adelson Hospice.

Rebecca Gatian, Chief Clinical Officer of Avow Hospice, remarks, “OneConnectPoint’s simple and intuitive design makes using it so easy for our interdisciplinary team. Physicians and nurses, regardless of their proficiency with technology, easily utilize OneConnectPoint to admit patients, order medications and review our patient profiles.”

OnePoint prides itself on being market-led, according to OnePoint Patient Care CEO Jeff Hohl. “Both current and potential partners have told us what the industry was missing and OneConnectPoint delivers: a powerful, innovative yet easy to use tool that allows physicians and nurses to quickly and seamlessly order, track and manage hospice medications, patients and clinical information,” Hohl said. “Our investment in innovation ensures we will continue to lead the industry in partner and patient satisfaction.”

To schedule a demonstration of OneConnectPoint, email [email protected] or call (847) 583-5652 today.

About OnePoint Patient Care

OnePoint Patient Care is the nation’s leading provider of community-based hospice pharmacy and pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services offering hospices nationwide flexible and adaptable solutions for their hospice pharmacy needs. OnePoint fills prescriptions, creates custom compounds and formularies, provides home deliveries and manages pharmacy benefits for more than 32,000 patients per day. Through its Concierge PBM, Next Day Valet mail order and Direct Express local services, OnePoint serves more than 220 hospice programs in 32 states.

OnePoint was one of the first pharmacies to begin serving the hospice industry when the Medicare hospice benefit began in the 1980s. Today OnePoint has grown to be one of the leading national hospice pharmacies with eight pharmacy locations strategically located throughout the United States. For additional information on what one can do, visit or call (866) 771-OPPC.