Our Experience is Always Working For You - OnePoint Patient Care

Our Experience is Always Working For You

During these unprecedented times, our partners and patients collectively depend on our continued service more than ever. All of us in the healthcare community are figuring out safe, effective ways to operate, support our patients and provide seamless care to those who rely on us most.

At OnePoint Patient Care, our non-essential employees have been vigilantly adhering to the national call to work remotely, practice social distancing and protect our frontline employees responsible for providing patient care. We’re proud that all of our pharmacy sites across the country remain fully operational, providing same-day deliveries of essential hospice medications, and our PBM services continue uninterrupted.

This is a tribute to the commitment of each OnePoint team member to our patients. Our team is rigorously adhering to social distancing, handwashing protocols and frequent thorough cleaning practices in each of our dispensing pharmacies.




Our investment in our infrastructure has been especially valuable, given the critical importance now of local hospice-dedicated pharmacy dispensing and delivery. Our processes enable us to perform contactless dispensing, from order fulfillment to patient delivery.


With many hospices with in-patient units (IPUs) preparing to convert them to COVID-19 facilities, we are taking additional steps to enhance patient protection, including a special delivery process which protects the IPU, pharmacy and all staff involved.

In addition to continuing to provide exceptional day-to-day dispensing and delivery, OnePoint is taking extra steps to help our partners.

To help alleviate the hand sanitizer shortage, we are making batches in our compounding rooms, where raw materials are available, as well as sourcing hand sanitizer for our partners from local distilleries. We are also creating an online repository for our partners to alert them to any nationwide drug shortages, due to either supply limitations or exceptional demand for products like inhalers and antibiotics.


We are honored to be part of the team delivering care at this critical time, and we want to say a special thank you to all of the frontline healthcare providers for sacrificing so much. We sincerely appreciate your dedication and efforts during this challenging time. We will get through this together.