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Together as One: Vantage Hospice

Our “Together as One” series spotlights hospice programs, nurses, physicians, pharmacists and others who positively impact the lives of hospice patients and their families every day. Through the dedicated and compassionate work of these inspiring professionals, patients receive the high-quality care and attentive consideration they deserve. Together, they create the network of support so essential to hospice care. We invite you to meet the people behind the mission—and see what one can do.

Today’s Together As One profile features Vantage Hospice in Houston, Texas. Founded in late 2011 by a small group of local physicians, Vantage Hospice has grown dramatically over the years, due in no small part to their commitment towards providing hospice care that is “tailored to the physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of patients with life limiting illness, their families and the community.”

After all, Vantage Hospice knows that “Hospice is not a place. It is a philosophy.”

OnePoint Patient Care spoke to Vantage Hospice’s Director of Clinical Services Brandi Gabriel, MHA, BSN, RN and Administrator Nicole Knight, FNP about Vantage’s commitment to true, comprehensive hospice care.

When discussing hospice care and Nursing specifically, Brandi pointed out that hospice “at its core, lends to the heart of what Nursing is all about. We provide comfort to the patient, as well as their loved ones, during a sacred time.”

It is this acute awareness of the finite time afforded to individual patients and their families which makes Vantage’s partnership with OnePoint so important. OnePoint’s local, hospice-dedicated pharmacy model best supports their hallowed work.

“Your same-day delivery service is very important to us,” said Nicole. “Having a hospice-dedicated pharmacy that delivers directly to the patient’s home means that their loved ones can stay close, at the bedside, and not have to sit in traffic for two hours to wait at a pharmacy. There’s really no substitute for the extra time afforded by this service.”

“OnePoint’s direct delivery service allows our patients to spend more time with their loved ones. To us, that is invaluable, and it’s the essence of quality hospice care,” agreed Brandi.

Furthermore, added Brandi, “With the PBM model, it’s mail order, it’s two days until the medication is ready. Having OnePoint, not only as our integrated PBM and pharmacy, but also able to deliver medications, 24/7, allows our Nurses focus on providing the very best patient care. This leads to more satisfied loved ones and keeps our referral sources extremely pleased with the care provided,” said Brandi.

Another reason why Vantage partners with OnePoint, and something that Brandi and Nicole tell their colleagues within the industry, is due to integrity. Mentioned Nicole, “OnePoint is a great resource for us – we view you as an extension of our clinical teams. You’re responsive and you always find an answer – even after hours. We know that OnePoint shares our commitment to excellent hospice care.”

Speaking of phone calls, Vantage Hospice’s care team’s value having multiple ways to order medications. Said Nicole, “Our Nurses love the OneConnectPoint app and we utilize it. But, it’s also nice to pick up the phone and speak to someone. The pharmacy staff are always knowledgeable, warm and approachable – we take comfort in that.”

Ultimately, Vantage Hospice and OnePoint have forged a strong partnership, and the direct beneficiaries are Texan hospice patients and their loved ones.

Learn more about Vantage Hospice and their services by visiting their website here.